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QQP Publishers (BBM Media subsidiary) launches provincial business and tourist guide “South African Guides” in March 2011



With the resounding success of their National publication the South African Guide, QQP Publishers has added 9 other travel guides to their stable. These are nine (9) provincial business and tourist guides that are targeted to reach not only the South African markets but will also be distributed globally, to market the country and its provinces. These publications profile each province to attract both tourists and potential investors.


In line with the South African Government’s efforts in promoting investment and increased global trade in the country, our publications make possible for South African corporate and public organisations to achieving these objectives. This is achieved by profiling these organisations for maximum exposure and thereby positioning them as industry leaders in the country and provinces.


With South Africa occupying the world’s centre stage after the 2010 World Cup we pride ourselves with all the work done that led to positive reviews received globally, there is certainly no limit to what this country can provide to the world. Our Provincial Business and Tourists Guides are fast becoming one of the most popular resources for business, tourists and investors. They contain the latest information about the country on the following sectors:

  • Labour
  • Tourism
  • Heritage
  • Infrastructure
  • South African History
  • Trading in South Africa
  • Economy and Economic Sectors

Your interest in making use of our publication as part of your communication tools will most certainly yield the desired results. This advertising platform exposes your organisation to local and international public and private sectors respectively. Our distribution mechanisms include both direct mailing and online distribution to the identified target markets.


Our online publishing and distribution component will be introduced in 2011 as part of phase two of this project. It will provide easy access to electronic versions of these books containing your advertising information and can be viewed and downloaded via our websites. At this stage your advert reach will certainly increase by at least 22% exposing your organisation to all sectors globally via cellphone, iPads and computer to access page by page.


Your advert will be placed for a period of 12 months, in that period you will be able to insert more than one design occupying the same size advertising space that was originally reserved.




1 Factual and credible data and statistics
2 Well packaged, inviting to read (pictorial, graphical and comprehensive coverage)
3 Auditable global reach, 171 000 books circulated per annum (9 x Provincial and National booklets)15 000 books per province circulated (5000 Gauteng, 5000 globally & 5000 Retail locally)
4 80 000 mailing list with our quarterly newsletter (supply unlimited e-mail for distribution)
5 Website link directly your website
6 Business to Business distribution as well availability from book retailing stores
7 More than one advert design during the period of 12 months


Booking Deadline
For all special positions such as profiling your company we require formal orders by the 10 December 2010. Other positions may be booked not later than the 20 January 2011


Rate Card
Our rate card information is stipulated below:


ADVERT DESCRIPTION (All prices Excl Vat)


(3x Provincial Books)

(6x Provincial Books)

(9 x Provincial Books)

Full Page

R 24 070.00

R 72 210.00

R 144 420.00

R 216 630.00

Covers - Outside Back

R 27 750.00

R 83 250.00

R 166 500.00

R 249 750.00

Covers - Inside Back

R 24 300.00

R 72 900.00

R 145 800.00

R 218 700.00

Covers - Inside Front

R 26 050.00

R 78 150.00

R 156 300.00

R 234 450.00


R 31 500.00

R 94 500.00

R 189 000.00

R 283 500.00

Web advert

R 9 600.00

R 28 800.00

R 57 600.00

R 86 400.00

Silver Sponsor (Editorial: 6 pages, logo on cover, plus 8-page print-ready, brochure on disc, plus logo and profile on website)

R 72 189.00

R 216 567.00

R 433 134.00

R 649 701.00

Platinum Sponsor Editorial: 8 pages including interview, logo on cover, plus, 12-page print-ready brochure on disc, plus logo, profile and interview on website

R 92 435.00

R 277 305.00

R 554 610.00

R 831 915.00

Gold Sponsor Editorial: 10 pages, including interview and upfront foreword, logo on cover, plus 16-page print-ready brochure on disc , plus logo, profile, interview and foreword on website

R 117 945.00

R 353 835.00

R 707 670.00

R 1 061 505.00


Target Markets and Circulation
As part of the Government’s efforts in promoting investment and increased global trade in the country, we would like to offer your province an opportunity to make use of our international publication to reach markets such as Europe, Asia, USA and Africa. These publications are distributed annually to carefully selected markets and according to our client’s targeted markets.



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